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Debrich Enterprises has been providing AMSOIL products for our customers and accounts since 1981..  At this site we provide you with  AMSOIL products and information, from us or directly from AMSOIL Inc.

 AMSOIL Inc. provides a comprehensive  product line of motor oils, gear lubricants, transmission and hydraulic fluids, oil and air filters, and more for the lubrication of equipment and vehicles, from lawn mowers and scooters to heavy duty diesels and off-road equipment.

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Product Categories:
Motor Oil

Diesel Oil

Motorcycle Oil

2-Cycle Oil

4-Stroke Oil

Racing Motor Oil                       

Hydraulic Oil

Compressor Oil

Gear Lubricants

Brake Fluid

Power Steering Fluid


Fuel Additives

Oil Filters

Air Filters

Motorcycle Filters

Cleaners and Protectants


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Consider processing an AMSOIL Preferred Customer Registration Form as part of your purchase.  Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, a savings of approximately 25% on most items.  There is no minimum purchase requirement. 

For credit card purchases, click here.

To order products for "pick up",  to discuss applications and recommended products, or request information, call  303-979-5879. We can usually assemble orders within a few hours, often within one hour.  We do not normally have AMSOIL air filters or products of AMSOIL partners (Mann, Wix, Donaldson, etc.) available.

Sales to non-associated Preferred Customers and Dealers are welcome.  Provide your AMSOIL account (Z.O.) number.

The current AMSOIL price list is used to process orders according to the customer account status with AMSOIL (Retail Customer,
Dealer, Preferred Customer, or Save 10 Customer).

The following links may assist in finding desired information or purchasing:

AMSOIL Online Store

Online Product Application Guide

AMSOIL Preferred Customer Registration Form

AMSOIL Dealer Information Request Form

AMSOIL Commercial Account Information Request Form

AMSOIL Retail Account Information Request Form

Free – MyAMSOILGarage - Document and track maintenance of your vehicles and equipment.

Debrich Enterprises/www.coloradolube.com is an owner operated business with an office located southwest of Littleton, Colorado.  You can reach us at   303-979-5879   and by fax at 303-904-9597.  You can also contact us at  rich@coloradolube.com.

A listing of our associated AMSOIL independent dealers is provided.

The AMSOIL Inc website contains extensive information about the company, their products, the various motorsport activities in which they participate, and more.

Privacy statement: No personal information is collected or stored by coloradolube.com.  Information obtained via telephone, fax, or email that is required to process orders is retained (copies of invoices).  This information is not shared nor provided to third parties.  AMSOIL Inc. may request copies of transactions; the AMSOIL Inc. privacy policy then applies.